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Hi! I'm Christina. Thanks for visiting On The Record.

I’m a 30-something woman who has been living in southern Alberta for the past two decades. I am an animal lover, a dreamer, a procrastinator, an overthinker, an idealist, and an avid music fan (cue blog name clue #1).

 I currently work as an administrative assistant for a local non-profit organization, but I am also a trained journalist. I have a deep passion for having in-depth conversations with people and telling their stories. If the details of these conversations are going to be widely published, they are "on the record" (cue blog name clue #2).

This blog aims to combine my love for music with my passion for writing. I want to show how music has woven itself into the unique and varied stories of my life. I hope you'll find these stories enjoyable and entertaining.


Watch for a new blog post on the first Friday of each month! You can also read the most recent post here.


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